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Pure servemart can offer you much more than sheer numbers for advertising your brand on India's first Professional Home Maintenance Company's website.

Servemart's demographic profile comprises a highly active audience who is in medium to high income groups, spread uniformly across young working couples to retired senior citizens and responsive to online advertising.The basic profile of our audience / customers is:

  • Professional
  • Double income or medium to high income group
  • Above average internet usage & computer application skills
  • High spending power
  • Sensitive
  • Trendsetting (Open to try out new products / services)
  • Entrepreneurial
  • E-Commerce confident
  • Tech-savvy

Advertising with servemartnot only ensures that your services and products are exposed to the people who are the decision makers; it also ensures tremendous reach and recall at a very low price point as compared to offline media costs.

For further details on Advertising Options with us, please contact us.

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