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Basic Basic 10% discount on all our services 30th Sept' 2013
Premium Premium 15% discount on all our services and 1 free service of Gel Treatment for your Kitchen on sign up 30th Sept' 2013
Premium Plus Premium Plus 15% discount on all our services and 3 free services of Gel Treatment (1 every year) for your Kitchen 30th Sept' 2013
2 Standard Pack Offer
Silver Plan Silver Plan Free Visits : Electrician-4, Plumber-2 (Worth Rs. 1550/-) 30th Sept' 2013
Gold Plan Gold Plan Free Visits : Electrician-6, Plumber-3 (Worth Rs. 2325/-) 30th Sept' 2013
Platinum Plan Platinum Plan Free Visits : Electrician-9, Plumber-5 (Worth Rs. 3650/-) 30th Sept' 2013
Diamond Plan Diamond Plan Free Visits : Electrician-12, Plumber-8 (Worth Rs. 5300/-) 30th Sept' 2013
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